"Daydream" as fantasy

The obvious:
  • It's a daydream, for one.
  • None of these people really exist in the "real world"
    The rest:
  • reflects the fans' fantasy of seeing the two of them together
  • reflects the author's desire and fantasy -See above and
    -Is that really Gillian Anderson (who plays Scully)? No one seems to think so. The author has physically put herself in Scully’s shoes to live out her own fantasy and be demonstrative about her desire for Mulder (or David Duchovny).
    -Variation of the "Mary Sue" fanfic where the author casts him/herself in the story in some role to enter the imaginary environment
  • The photographic technique:
    -Soft focus creates a dreamlike environemnt
    -Fantastical glares
    -Illusory paradise created by palm-like head, rippled sheets, sunlike glare