Mulder as provider:

  • The consummate suit and tie professional - little difference from his normal appearance
  • Even in daydreams, she imagines just him, not being with him, again emphasizing the reality of their separate spheres of existence.
  • Serves as a reflection of cultural and sociobiological arguments for men as providers, not lovers

    Final touch sexual intensity:

  • The placement of her hand on her breast
  • Significance? Duh.
  • Q: It's a shadowy picture, what if it isnít a hand?
  • A: Doesnít matter Ė the artistís creation is out, and her intentions are a moot point. The mere suggestion of a hand is enough to empower the romantic implications
  • Again strengthened by her suggested facial expression: eyes closed, head tilted slightly... she appears coy, pleased, in a dream...