Why Fan Fiction

  • Allows fans to create art for an already existing "imaginary entertainment envrionment"
  • Broadens the Available media: X-Files started as a TV show; fan fiction extends to stories, songs, paintings, etc.
  • Analysis can reveal the creator's motivations and interests regarding the original environment

    Covered here...

  • The two selections analyzed here explore a romantic relationship between Mulder and Scully, which is desired by many fans and has not been addressed directly to date.
  • History: Mulder and Scully work together as FBI agents on the X-Files, there has always been some sexual tension present. Fans clamor for a real romantic entanglement, and are given almost-kisses, kisses with shape shifters (so one of the characters is not really him or herself, hence it's not a "real kiss").
  • The response? They've finally kissed, but this is not enough to sate most fans!