Model Horse Tack

Included on this page are tack and other props to scale with Breyer model horses. I have done my very best to describe what size model they fit and what kind of tack it is, but if you have any questions, just ask. To see a picture, just click on the camera icon next to the description. I don't guarantee they're the best pictures, I used what models were available :). Never fear holds, and make an offer if I'm out of line! Most has hardly been used, and shipping is about $2 for each item. Anyway, here goes...

NEW!! This draft harness is made of black leather by... someone in Florida, I want to say Jamie Coughlin (if I'm wrong, *please* correct me). It has placed even in open shows, and fits most traditional drafters, especially the Clydesdale Mare and the Belgian. There is no cart to go with it, but none is required in the show ring. $25
NEW!! Any traditional Western Pleasure contestant will look splendid in this get-up which includes a dyed black Western saddle complete with girth and navy saddle pad *and* a bridle. It fits most medium sized traditional models, including the stock horse mare shown in the picture. The bridle is actually a very dark brown, but it almost matches the saddle. Set for $30.
NEW!! For when the above horse is done performing under saddle, put her in a nice black leather halter, which also fits most classic sized models. Fits very nicely and looks great in halter class photos. $8
NEW!! Similar to the halter above, this one fits small to medium sized traditional models. Also made of black leather with silver hardware. Shown here on the cantering Welsh pony model. $8
Sue Rowe made this light brown leather double bridle, and cheap me, I figured I could just slip one bit out and have a single bridle! Needless to say, it didn't work. The bridle's in great condition, it's hardly been used, and I've got it almost put back together. This would be beautiful in any dressage class, and is definitely LSQ! $15
This one-eared bridle was made from a Rio Rondo kit, it's currently blackened-brown leather, very rustic-looking. If fits many medium sized models, including Lady Phase and the Indian Pony/Mustang Lady. $6
To go along with the double bridle above, this is a light tan English saddle (I want to say saddleseat, but don't hold me to it, take a look at it please). It's also made by Sue Rowe, and it's really nice!! I've never seen better stirrups on a model saddle! It's LSQ, and it also has hardly been used. $27, or set of saddle and bridle for $40.
This a classic-sized show bridle by Sue Rowe, made in black leather with a lead and everything! It fits most classic adults very nicely, especially Black Stallion, Sagr, Johar, and the CAS. It's really nice and LSQ. $12
All foals must be halter-broken, and you can use this fancy halter to do it (well, at least to Breyers :) ). It fits most traditional foals and many classic sized adults, is made of black leather, and has nice sunburst decorations on the sides and noseband. $8
Made from a Rio Rondo tack set, this Traditional Stock halter is a very nice dark brown, with gold-coloured metal pieces and a lead. It fits most normal size traditional models. $7
These black leather halters were purchased at Breyerfest and have never been used since! They have a nice long lead with chain and fit many medium and larger traditional models. $7
An affordable yet elegant Arabian costume is hard to come by, but here, both ends are covered! Made from pink felt and pink to purple floss, this set includes a saddle, bridle, breastcollar and girth. Extra detail is created by backstitching around the saddle and the seat, there are also pearl tassels hanging from the bridle and the saddle. Very gorgeous, LSQ, and has placed! $20
This set for stablemates includes two felt blankets, one red with lacy trim and the other blue with gold trim and a girth. It also includes three pairs of palm trees which are good for the background in a picture. The set is intended to be PSQ, but could be used in a novice class (horses not included). $7
Another good PSQ set is this simple Arab costume, which is blue velvet with a fancy trim. It fits larger traditionals like the PAS. It comes with two bridles, one of which is better than the other, both are pictured. $7
Specially made for the Breyer PAM, this show bridle was made by Sue Rowe and is brown leather with a sparkling fuschia browband, silver chain, and lead line. It's LSQ and is a very nice piece. $14
Also made by Sue Rowe, this white leather draft halter fits the Belgian, Shire, Clydesdale Mare and Stallion, almost any traditional draft horse. The browband has small mirrors across it which add to the effect of a show bridle. Really gorgeous! $16
Similar to the halter designed for the PAM, this show bridle was made for the ASB Weanling and is black leather with a gold browband. It fits her very nicely and will also fit many other small/medium-sized Breyer models. $14
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