It is finally time to part with some beloved model horses and others that are recently discontinued and great additions to a collection. Basically, the final reasons come down to time and money, as usual. Almost all of the customized models come complete with ribbons and several to oodles of photos, which are all included in the purchase price.A picture of each model is available by clicking on the camera icon next to the description.

Customized Models for Sale

Original Finish Models for Sale

Tack for Sale

Don't be discouraged by Holds, Don't be afraid to ask Questions

The Nitty Gritty Details

If you found something you really liked, that's great! E-mail me at and I'll put the model on hold for a week to receive payment (first come, first serve). I prefer to accept money orders, and I'm really unable to accept trades at this time. Shipping will be $6 for the first model, slightly more for sets. I apologise for the increase, but it is made in accordance with the post office's rise in prices. This will cover Priority Mail, and UPS is available upon request. Payment should be sent *only* after putting the model on hold.